Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween in a Box

My husband and I just made the big move from Boston to San Diego! After living our entire lives in the  Northeast, we decided we were overdue for a few more months of sunshine a year. We settled into our new North Park bungalow just in time for Halloween, which, as our new neighbors felt inclined to warn us, is a BIG DEAL.

Every house was decked out in cobwebs, black cats, and orange string lights. We were told to expect over 1000 kids. You read that right - one thousand trick-or-treaters would be knocking on our door.

We really wanted to show our Halloween spirit and make a good first impression. Unfortunately, after putting down first month's rent plus security and calculating the cost of 1000 pieces of candy, we decided it would be impractical to run out and drop $50 on decorations that we'd be taking down in a week.

Thankfully, having just moved, we were rich in cardboard boxes! Here's what we whipped up for the trick-or-treaters. I think we did our neighbors proud.

Nesting bowl packaging turned spooky spiders:
Eight legs - it was a no brainer.
Throw a little cardboard down - instant workshop.
The washer was to weigh the spiders down in the wind.

Moving boxes turned tombstones:
A couple of historical figures.
"RIP Waffles"is a not-so-funny inside joke of my husband's. "Waffles" is his old nickname/party persona from his college (glory) days. 8-20-11 is the day we got married...
Our Halloween dinner menu... I'm pretty sure the dishes tasted as horrible as their names.

Happy Halloween!  

(I can't take credit for this last image - our photographer friend John Fischer of John Fischer Photography was kind enough to immortalize our new home on Halloween. Thanks John!

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  1. That's awesome! You guys are so spirited! Miss you and hope you're doing well!


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