Monday, January 31, 2011

DIY Postcard Save the Dates

This is what we came up with for our Save the Dates. The end result is a combination of the designs in the previous post. We used the postcard as our layout and the Rifle art as the inspiration for our pencil illustration. We plan on using the grocery paper envelopes in our actual invitations, but in the Save the Dates we did incorporate the earthy tone as the background color for our postcards. We really liked the idea of personalizing them, so we plopped ourselves onto the dock on the pond at my family's Cape Cod house. We stretched the truth a little by showing us gazing across the pond toward the inn where we will be getting married, but it's just the next town over from the house so I think it still works!

Front (left), back pre-mail (top), back post-mail (bottom)

I drew a few different pictures before we decided on a design. Josh took bits and pieces from a couple, worked some Photoshop magic and turned them into one unified image. We used a vintage template for the back of the card. Below are some reject illustrations from our Save the Date brainstorming session: