Sunday, January 17, 2010

Central Square Chair Sale: before & after

before + after

It took seven three-hour classes, but my first chair transformation is complete! Overall, it was a very fulfilling experience. Not only do I have something to show for my efforts, I gained a greater appreciation for the craft of upholstery, a better understanding of why furniture costs so darn much, and I have a fully stocked tool box!

The chair has been dubbed "Princess Chair" by my roommates and no one sits in it except the cats. It's not perfect, but my next one will be ;)


  1. i love it jaimee! i really like the fabric you chose. methinks we should take some sort of class together... ill look in the adult education catalogs i got banging around my apartment! :)

  2. Thanks Meg! Yeah totally, I'm always up for more classes. I actually signed up for the upholstery one again, haha. I'll post pics of my new project soon!


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