Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Central Square Chair Sale: 18 Hours

[click image to enlarge]

After draping and cutting the fabric, which I actually wanted in a sage green but couldn't find, I tacked and stapled it around the cushions. Because this was the final layer of fabric, I had to be very careful and precise when stapling to make sure all of my lines were symmetrical. Spur of the moment I decided to add buttons, which I created with a button machine and navy blue scraps, to the back of my chair. Here they are just pinned up so that I could move them around before deciding on a final position. Also, that crazy math in the background has nothing to do with furniture upholstery...


  1. you shouldn't have told us that, cuz then we would have thought you were like some sort of crazy upholstery Einstein genius or something... i mean you are, but still :)

  2. The chair is beyond amazing. Its sits great too!

    p.s. I didn't know you had an expert seashell crafter friend hahaha


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