Friday, October 30, 2009


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SAVE THE VINYL is the brainchild of my very special bf Joshua Pratt, host of Vinyl Vlog. SAVE THE VINYL is a unique service/promotion put together in association with Limited Pressing, National Underground and dozens of bands from all over the US and Canada, for attendees of this weekend’s FEST 8 in Gainesville, FL. The idea is that anyone who purchases records at FEST 8 will receive a record mailer to protect (or SAVE) their vinyl from the chaos that is the FEST. Inside each mailer is a comp CD with over 25 songs by the bands mentioned above. 200 record mailers and comp CDs will be given out. Of these 200, 5 comp CDs will be "Golden CDs," which include a secret track announcing the lucky record buyer as a winner of a prize package. These prize packages are made up of records, CDs, coozies, and other merch items donated by participating bands. Josh and I collaborated on artwork for the comp CD insert and above are a few of the sketches we came up with.


  1. Well sure, but Josh knew exactly what he wanted me to draw.

  2. that's such an awesome idea, nice work guys!


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