Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sumatra Bed from Pottery Barn

I hate to admit it, but I actually really like Pottery Barn. And I absolutely love this Sumatra bed frame. It is rustic yet graceful somehow. Personally, I feel high footboards are too restricting, so the footboard on this frame is perfect for me. I love the the wood grain and the color of the stain and the fact that the headboard doubles as a shelf. The bedding is OK, a little busy, but the frame is neutral (without being boring) so the loud print works. I've been eying this piece of furniture for quite a while now. I hope Pottery Barn doesn't discontinue it before I can save up!

Also, if you've ever looked at a PB catalog you know what I'm talking about, but kudos to the designers and creative directors. Every room is extremely inviting in fabulously accessorized. I especially like the abundance of plants in all the shots.


  1. Hi Jaime,

    I bought the Sumatra bed when I moved into my house last year. I also picked up the dresser and night stand.

    They are great and I hope will last me at least 25 years.

    Oh yeah, I am also a sucker for PB's decorating ideas.

  2. I have had the Sumatra Bed for about a year. I love it, but am dissapointed by how soft the wood is. It scratches easily; you can leave an indention with your finger nail......Any ideas on how to protect from scratches?


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